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What type of Mower is BEST for a Zoysia Lawn?

Amazoy Zoysia can be mowed with any type of mower; there is no preference from one mower to another. No matter the brand or type of mower. Not all mowers will cut the same. Some will give a general cut and others will give a good clean precise cut.

Zoysia is a slow grower and will be like a thick lush dense carpet when growing and developing. The taller the grass grows can make it more difficult to mow. Keeping your lawn maintained on a regular basis vs. monthly will lessen the effort as well as keeping the mower blades sharp.

Using any type of mower of your preference; for the first cutting of the season, cut a little higher, that way you do not mow off any new blade leaves. The best mowing height to maintain Zoysia is 1 1/2 inches – 2 inches.

Mowing in the mid-morning between 8 – 10 am is the best time to mow Zoysia. Of course, mowing mid-morning or later, there is less chance of morning dew. Mid-morning mowing is safer to do, avoiding extreme afternoon temperatures and possibly heat exhaustion.

Whatever type of mower you choose to maintain your Zoysia lawn is fine. Just remember, keep the mower blades sharpened for a good cut.