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You Can Have it All: Multiple Grasses or Plants May be the Answer:

Often times, people try to find one specific grass that will solve all of their lawn issues. Unfortunately, it is rare that only one type of grass will be the best choice for every area on your property. Some areas of your lawn may get more sunlight than others, as well as heavier traffic or even better drainage than other areas. While Zoysia grass has many benefits, it may not solve all of your lawn issues; there is no one grass that will!


     Zoysia is a very hardy, spreading grass. The plugs can be planted within your existing lawn and are able to overtake most weeds and grasses that you already have, without the need to tear everything out beforehand. Once established, Zoysia will continue to spread and repair itself from any damage that occurs. It may even spread into areas you never thought could have grass, and may fill in most of your lawn’s bare spots.  


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  Although we think Zoysia is great, it may not be the best choice for all areas in your lawn. For example, if your lawn gets standing water for long periods of time after a rainfall, Zoysia would not be the best choice in that area. It really thrives in the hot and dry conditions but doesn’t do well in damp areas such as at the bottom of a slope. You could just use the Zoysia in your hot and dry areas, and plant another type of grass more suited to damp and shady areas. Many trees, shrubs, or even ground cover plants might be better solutions for shady, damp areas.

            Overall, Zoysia remains green during the hottest temperatures. It can also thrive with little water. While most see these as benefits for their lawn, Zoysia may not be the right choice for every area on your property. You don’t have to pick just one grass or plant to make your land appealing.