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Zoysia Chores Before Winter

            At this time of year, your Zoysia grass has probably started to turn a brownish-yellowish color; however, do not panic! Zoysia goes dormant after you receive your first hard freeze of the year and usually greens back up whenever your ground temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees. Even though Zoysia is nearing the dormant state, there are some tasks you can do to prepare your lawn for the cold months ahead.

            First, we recommend that you mow your grass between 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches before winter. This will help it come out of dormancy next spring. If your grass was long, be sure to clean up all of your lawn clippings after mowing, in order to avoid dead spots in your lawn next spring. Additionally, do not fertilize your lawn at this time of year; it can actually be harmful. It is best to fertilize Zoysia during the growing season in May, June, and September. Don’t be frightened if winter weeds begin popping up in your sleeping Zoysia because the Zoysia will overtake them all again in the spring or can be spot-killed come spring. Fall is a good time to aerate the Zoysia before dormancy sets in. If necessary, de-thatching may be done now too, but it is best to be done in the spring. Keep your lawn strong pre winter, and it should remain strong during the winter.

            Zoysia is a very low-maintenance grass. It does not require you to complete any of these tasks for it to survive, but it will definitely result in a healthier lawn if you do. Just grab a hot chocolate, relax, and enjoy this time of rest like your Zoysia is!