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Zoysia Farm Nurseries: 2020 feefo Service Award Winner

Trusted Service Award - feefo

For years we have received letters from customers telling us about their Zoysia lawns and the experience of working with Zoysia Farms.  We have posted some of these in a testimonial section on our site.  

In 2019 we partnered with the international survey company, Feefo, asking our customers to provide us with feedback on how we are doing.  They could comment on our website, the information provided, the ease of ordering, how timely we shipped their order, how it arrived and how well the product performed.  The request for feedback was sent soon after we got the order so the experience would be fresh in their mind.  Their feedback would be posted within 24 hours on our website.

Well we got feedback!  Most of it is very complimentary but not all.  When we got it wrong, people let us know.   It is very rewarding to hear from the vast majority that we were doing a good job.  Who doesn’t appreciate a nice compliment?  More importantly, we got to hear quickly when we got it wrong. That provided us the opportunity to make it right, and in the long term, to make changes in the way we do something.  We post all the reviews: good, bad, or indifferent so all can see and if needed, our response and action. 

It is wonderful to hear from customers who have ordered a number of times over the years.  We naturally suspected they were happy.  Now there is a way to tell us directly how happy or not they are with their Zoysia lawn, our service or the product we have provided consistently now for 65 years.  We intuitively knew the vast majority were happy and now they have an easier way to tell us.

We averaged 4.3 stars last year and thus qualified for the award.  Have a quick look at the comments we received here: