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Zoysia Farms Getting Ready for 2021

Every New Year is greeted with great expectation.  Some years produce unexpected twists and turns along the way (we’re talking about you 2020), but we get back up and get ready for the next one.

While I wasn’t there, the year Zoysia Farm Nurseries was started in 1953 it must have been one full of great hope and expectation for those that were.  We can now look back and see that those expectations for our small company have been met year after year.  While the founding of Zoysia Farms is hardly a monumental event we thought it fun, as we get ready for 2021, to look back at what else happened 68 years ago and how it worked out.

Big Events                           Queen Elizabeth II Coronation –still going strong

End of the Korean War – sort of still going

Pres. Eisenhower inauguration – no drama

Jonas Salk announces Polio vaccine trials

Top selling car                    Hudson Hornet (what happened?) but also the year the original C1 Corvette was introduced – things were changing

Top new songs                  “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin & “How Much is that Doggie in the Window” by Patti Page were big hits – No Elvis, Motown or Beatles yet

Written words                   “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury and “Casino Royale” by Ian Fleming would have long runs, but also TV Guide and Playboy first hit the newsstands, but are almost gone today.

Top Movies                        Disney’s animation of “Peter Pan”, “War of The Worlds” and “From Here to Eternity” are classics and still viewed.

World Series Champs     NY Yankees – who else

NCAA Basketball              Indiana                 – appropriate

NCAA Football                   Maryland – really?  Yea – our home state…. been a long time since!

NBA                                       Lakers – Minneapolis originals started a tradition

NHL                                        Montreal Canadiens (French spelling)

The Economy                     Postage $0.03

                                                Minimum wage/hr. $0.75

                                                Gallon of gas $0.22

Other Events                     Chuck Yeager sets speed record in X1 rocket plane

                                                Sir Edmund Hillary first to climb Mt Everest

                                                RAM (random access memory) used for the first time

                                                FCC approves color TV

                                                Ramada Inns – 811 hotels at last count

                                                Burger King, Sonic Drive-in and Denny’s all started in 1953

2020 will not be fondly remembered by most, but we are here and getting ready for another year just like we have done for 68 years.  Hope you enjoyed the trip back to 1953.

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