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Zoysia is environmentally friendly

Zoysia Meyer is more environmentally friendly than the more common tall fescue.

Zoysia is a fine-medium bladed, low growing, heat – tolerant grass. Requires less water, fertilizer and pesticides, and it does not need mowing as often as regular fescue grasses. All contributes to make Zoysia environmentally friendly.

It is good for soil erosion because of the dense growth. It prevents sediment runoff that can go into our bays, streams and rivers. This is very essential of maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Zoysia has a natural resistance to many common pests, thus, reduces the need to use chemical pesticides that can harm the environment.

The pros and cons of having a Amazoy Zoysia Meyer grass lawn:

  • Drought resistance
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Dense growth pattern (underground root system and above ground stolons; side runners)

  • Needs some patience to get established
  • Potential for thatch build up in some areas

Amazoy Meyer Zoysia grass gives homeowners one of the most healthy environmentally safe lawns available.